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This Sustainably Sourced Vintage Navy Nautica Jacket is very warm

- Waterproof Shell 

- Adjustable Button Cuffs

- Nautica Embossed Front Zip

- Zips & Buttons all in working condition

- All Pockets Functional

- Embroidered Nautica neck

- Hood

- Shell 70% Cotton 30% Nylon 

- Body Lining 100% Polyester

- Hood 100% Nylon

- Made in Taiwan

Size on tag: L
Fits true to size Model is 5'10

Notes: Near Perfect Condition slight signs of wear including sun fading over jacket, still very wearable.

Nautica was founded in 1983 by Fashion Designer David Chu.  Nautica derived from the Latin word Nauticas which is Greek for naval or seamanship. Nautica has strong ties to the Hip Hop Culture with the Wutang Clan seen wearing there apparel in many photoshoots dating back to the 90's. We have strong personal ties to Nautica since we were a tenager always checking out the local stockists to see what was available, even wearing some Nautica clothes in 90's ourselves. Growing up sailing definitely led us to believe that Nautica is cool, comfortable and stylish. We have plenty of Nautica jackets in the stash so stay tuned for more vintage drops in the future.

All garments are sustainably hand sourced from around the World. We believe the future of fashion is in the past. All Products are shipped with Eco friendly fully compostable packaging from Heapsgood. 

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